The ultimate in convenience and efficiency

The TreadSpec Service Drive is the only customer drive over system with no touch-no staff labor to get a complete tire and alignment diagnostic. Your customers simply drive over when entering your service drive and the system does all the scanning for you.

One easy step

TreadSpec automatically captures tire alignment and rotation diagnostics in one easy step. The customers simply drives over TreadSpec and the software does the rest. This allows TreadSpec to be easily integrated into your current service process and still provide the power of integration, reporting and data to predict when tires will need replacement and or alignment.

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Your customer never stops the vehicle. All the information TreadSpec needs to diagnose tire wear and alignment is gathered in seconds.

Automation replaces labor

Allow TreadSpec to do all the work for YOU. TreadSpec will even capture the vehicle’s license plate. Using our License Plate Recognition software , the license plate is captured and analyzed to help track that specific vehicle’s service history.

Powerful point of sale technology

TreadSpec enhances your DMS (Dealer Management System) by providing you:

  • The ability to Diagnose Tires at the time of Customer Arrival
  • Offer Tire Pricing options at the time of your Write Up
  • Once the wheels are off the technicians can help address Addition vehicle Needs.
  • Most Importantly: You Keep the Customer Active through the Lifecycle of the Tire
Treadspec Featured

Treadtracker report

The ultimate selling tool

The culmination of the laser scan and measurement is the TreadTracker Report. TheTreadTracker Report is the most important component of our solution. This is your tool to educate the customer and build a customer relationship based on trust.
The TreadTracker Report includes:
  • Vehicle information such as make and model, tire size and license plate
  • A Recommendation Section with Tire Alignment and Rotation Indicators plus Tire Cross sections
  • Braking Distance projections

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